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Food Machinery > SUS304 stainless steel  vegetable cutting machine

SUS304 stainless steel  vegetable cutting machine

SUS304 stainless steel  vegetable cutting machine


Vegetable cutting machine is a new type of vegetable cutting machine developed by our factory using digital technology. This machine can cut leaf vegetables (cabbage, spinach, lettuce etc) into shreds and cut stem vegetables (celery, lemon, grass etc) into sections.

The machine adopts a rotating cutter disc to cut vegetable into sections or slices, good quality cut surface, fresh and no damage to fibrous of cut product, the cutting thickness and size uniform.
The machine is high in efficiency, easy to operate, low in energy consumption, hygienic, safe and efficient, and is an ideal equipment for the fresh and dehydrated vegetables processing industry.
Advantage of vegetable cutting machine
1. Suitable for cutting, slicing and dicing root and stem vegetable, also suitable for cutting leafy vegetables into different
size length.
2. Full machine with SUS304, cutter head and plate made with aluminium magnesium alloy.
3. Variable frequency control the cutting and belt moving speed.
4. High efficiency, equals to 10 workers.

Our machine is easy to operate. All we need to do is placing material on the conveyor belt and turning on the machine. This machine simulates manual vegetable cutting and is developed by advanced technologies such as "stepless speed regulating" and "centrifugal slicing device" (with the centrifugal drum). The cut vegetables are not damaged and high in freshness, which retains the original flavor and nutrition to the greatest extent.

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